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Faciiul™ Deep Facial Cleansing Brush


“This is definitely one of the best facial cleansing brushes on the market!

I was so surprised the first time I used it because the different cleansing areas it provides worked so well together! With 3 cleaning areas on the brush, you can choose whether you want to clean deeply, precisely, or regularly. 

It fits perfectly in your hand and its flexible silicone bristles allow you to reach every part of your face and neck.” 

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Anabelle P. ✅ Verified Buyer


Your skincare routine just got a lot easier 


Meet the Faciiul™ Deep Cleansing Brush

Your new solution to removing impurities, dirt, and makeup from your face easily in less than 2 minutes. With our new upgraded 5 mode design, you’ll be able to adjust the vibration to your liking while gently cleaning your face.

Apart from that, enjoy our 3 different silicone cleansing bristles with a color gradient design for different types of cleansing. Your face will be thanking you for the soothing and cleansing difference from just the first few uses. 



Why Every Woman is Switching to our  Facial Cleansing Brush 



Unlike regular facial cleansing brushes, the Faciiul™ cleansing brush uses Inface Sonic technology that offers a deeper cleanseinto your skins' layers. Featuring a body with 3-in-1 silicone bristles that help remove not only makeup and 99.5% of dirt, but to target accumulated excess oils and harsh impurities in your face.




Your face accumulates quite a lot of impurities during the day, leading to acne or dirty skin. Our Faciium™ Facial Cleanser helps remove harmful impurities with thick, but gentle silicone, and double wave technology that deeply cleanses the pores unlike any other.



Our sonic facial brush features medical-grade silicone bristles for a gentler, healthier feel on your face.

With 5 different vibration modes, you can adjust to your skin type's liking. Delivering you a gentle clean and deep exfoliation to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and even dead skin.




Our sonic facial cleanser brush will help you reach a new level of cleansing by experiencing our 3 types of silicone brushes labeled with a color gradient design to distinguish the areas.

Our ergonomic design within the brush will allow you to increase your cleansing area by 35% more than just using a regular cleansing wipe. 




Our double wave technology brings you pulsations, high frequency, and different adjustable speeds within our rechargeable facial cleanser.

Providing you with a daily spa retreat you won't find with any other brush, all while promoting facial skin cell regeneration and the firming of skin too. 



This sonic facial cleanser is IPX7 waterproof allowing you to easily use it in the shower. The device has a fully rechargeable battery that can last for weeks, unlike many other facial cleanser brushes.



Is it worth it?

100% Yes.

Most of the time, we are unable to notice all the bacteria, dirt, and impurities that our face is exposed to. Silicone facial cleanser brushes are 35% more hygienic than regular nylon cleanser brushesBut what makes our sonic facial cleansing brush so great for your skin

Our facial cleanser brush is made from 3 different soft silicone bristles that are non-porous. By switching to our brush means you will avoid bacteria buildup that leads to harmful impurities on your skin. Use it for deep cleansing, exfoliating, evening your skin tone, and even boosting your circulation to help you improve and achieve the skin of your dreams, because softer is better.




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