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DoubleGlide™ Magnetic Window Cleaner

"Absolute game changer!

Cleaning my glass windows was one of the chores I dreaded the most since I live in an apartment complex and can't easily reach the outside part of the windows

This magnetic window cleaner is the perfect solution because it's just like simply cleaning them from the inside, but both sides get clean."

Kate L. ✅ Verified Buyer



To everyone struggling with dirty glass windows 


There is no denying it, windows are one of those household features that are a pain to clean, no matter where you live. Apart from being time-consuming, it can quickly turn into a nightmare when cleaning windows on the exterior, since you can seriously risk a fall or injury, especially in apartment buildings or condos.

Life becomes easier when you can clean both sides of your window at the same timeOur new DoubleGlide™ magnetic window cleaner is bigger, better, and stronger. Designed with two powerful magnets on each side that will provide a secure window clean on both sides and not a brush that will fall off. Leaving you with clean, shiny windows every time.


How this magnetic window cleaner will absolutely change your life  



Your windows collect most dust and dirt from around your home.

Conveniently clean your windows whenever you need to, in half the time! By using this double-sided magnetic window cleaner, you cut cleaning time by scrubbing both sides simultaneously. Leaving you with more time for more important things. 




Many other magnetic window cleaners are small and inconvenient to use, causing you to miss certain hard-to-reach spots.

Thanks to our magnetic window cleaner's rectangle body, you can efficiently remove dust and dirt, leaving your windows squeaky clean everywhere. 




We all know heights can be dangerous, especially when cleaning windows. 

Prevent the hassle and fear brought by cleaning glass windows. Utilize our double-sided magnetic window cleaner to efficiently clean both sides of your window at the same time from the safety of the inside


As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

  1. Open the magnetic window cleaner by rotating the product in 90º reverse

  2. Place both sides in water with a detergent until foam is caused on each side. 

  3. Combine both magnetic sides by placing each side slowly on the glass window and merging them.

  4. Place safety rope and start to swipe cleaner over desired spots and simultaneously clean both sides of the window glass.  



Is it worth it? 

We know cleaning windows is a tedious task and definitely the chore we end up postponing the most because "I simply refuse to waste a whole day out of my busy schedule to clean windows!" The exterior side is even worse, especially if you live in an apartment complex or condo, it can end up feeling quite dangerous.

What if I told you that you could clean your windows in half the time you did before? Imagine getting shiny clean windows in half the time you did before. Thanks to our advanced magnetic technology, you can clean both sides of your windows at the same time for a faster, safer, and more efficient window clean.  



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