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MagicScan™ Premium Leather Smart Notebook


"I can't begin to count all the times i've lost important notes or arrived at a grocery store, only to realize I left my list at home.

This reusable notebook has become essential for me to keep all my notes (and life) in order!

It writes just like paper, I scan the page with the app on my phone and I have the notes with me on the phone wherever I go!"

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Kayla B. ✅ Verified Buyer


The reusable smart notebook you didn't know you needed


We're all guilty of having it, that one messy notebook filled with unorganized notes, supermarket lists, work notes, and even doodles. 

If you've fallen guilty to the culprit that is the messy notebook, this reusable smart notebook is everything you've been searching for.

Sleek design with 50 reusable pages that write just like paper. Simply write, scan with your phone, receive your digitalized version, and erase when you're done! It really is as simple as that. 


Why everyone is making the switch to the world's smartest notebook



Nothing worse than looking for your notes all over the place and never finding them, especially when you have to meet deadlines.

Never let that happen again by using our smart notebook, the modern, sustainable, and efficient solution for easily taking and scanning notes, or sketches straight to your phone as a digital version you can take anywhere.




Looking for the best of both worlds?

With our reusable smart notebook, you get 25 pages with half-lined paper and your 25 pages with blank paper for a total of 50 pages! Reusable up to 1,000 times and erasable every single time!




Think about how much money on paper and notebooks you have wasted throughout your life, you could probably add it up to more than $500 dollars.

Save hundreds of dollars when you purchase this smart notebook that transfers a digitalized format easily to your phone, tablet, cloud, or storage platform.



We're all human, we make mistakes.

Never have to worry about another simple mistake. With our reusable smart notebook, you can simply erase with a wet cloth, pen eraser, or even a hot hairdryer.  




Notebooks are so old school! 

Luckily the time has come for office items to be modernized, sustainable, and efficient. Our smart notebook is all those things, an eco-friendly, portable, and sophisticated notebook that includes storage inside for cards, ids, and even money. 



How does it work?

Don't worry, it writes like paper and is simpler than you think! Just snap a picture of the notes you wish to scan using the Camscanner app, then blast your notes to your desired storage platform, like Google Drive, Icloud, Dropbox, email, and more



Is it worth it?

Not only is it worth it, but it's also good for you, the environment, and your wallet and here's why. 

Imagine you're running late to a meeting, rushing, trying to get there as fast as you can. Once you finally sit down, you realize you left your notes at home. This doesn't only happen in meetings, it happens all the time, even with our grocery lists and personal notes too. 

Now imagine never having to forget or lose these notes, important documents, and even grocery lists ever again. Sounds like a dream come true. Luckily, with our reusable smart notebook you can easily scan and digitalize your notes with the click of a button, having them forever saved in your phone. Not only would you be increasing your convenience by having these notes everywhere you go, but think of how many trees and money you're going to be saving!



Package Includes:

  • 1x Smart Reusable Notebook
  • 1x Pilot Frixion Pen 
  • 1x Cloth 



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