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ThinkEMS™ - Pro EMS Therapy Foot Massager

“I have struggled with constant foot pain due to work my whole life.

 With this EMS massager, I was able to alleviate and relax my muscles after a long day at work!

It’s portable and foldable so I can even carry it with me to the office or when I’m traveling.” 

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Sally O. ✅ Verified Buyer


Did you know that good foot health is essential for a healthy, active life? 


The feet are what support our entire body when working, training, exercising, or walking. Not only that, but they play a key component in helping us maintain good balance and posture.

Due to the fact that our feet are full of muscles, tendons, and ligaments that connect to the rest of our body, any pain in your feet and ankles can commonly travel to your legs as well. Leading to huge discomfort and pain in your daily life. 

Our EMS Foot massager features 6 modes: kneading, thumping, acupuncture, massage, acupressure, and pulse. The different modes help you relax and circulate your blood flow by stimulating the contraction of the muscles in your foot using electric impulses.  



But, how does it work?  


It functions by using electrical signals at higher Hz rates to promote stimulation in muscle fibers causing them to contract. These muscle contractions will help increase your blood flow and nutrient distribution. Making it perfect for using after a long day of work, training, or standing up to remove stress or discomfort.  

Apart from that, it is proven that using an EMS massager can recruit more muscle fibers than a standard warm-up with its pulsing technology. Making it one of the main reasons that athletes and coaches use EMS to help the body recover faster, increase your muscular strength and endurance while reducing future risk of injury. 



Why This Innovative EMS Foot Massager is perfect for relieving your muscle pain



Our innovative foot massager offers low-frequency pulse technology for the foot, ankle, and Achilles tendon. Providing you a massage that promotes your muscular blood circulation and provides nutrients and oxygen to your foot muscles. Allowing you to finally promote circulation and warm relaxation in your feet. 




Scientific studies prove that individuals with high-stress levels have not only felt a decrease in anxiety but an increase in better moods after just a 10-minute foot massage.

This shows that a foot massage not only calms the mind but reduces stress. With 6 different modes to choose from, you can adjust your experience to reduce stress and discomfortusing our kneading, thumping, acupuncture, massage, acupressure, and pulse modes.




Since the feet have one of the most used muscles, iconnects with many different areas of the body.This causes any suffering from an injury or discomfort from working, standing, or exercising to become a serious problem.

This foot massager will help you immensely in terms of dealing with soreness, joint pain, swelling, and more with its 6 different modes and electric pulsing technology. 




Studies prove that EMS can not only increase muscle mass by around 1% but also improve muscle function by around 10% after several weeks of use.

Our ems foot massage technology uses electric pulses to force muscles to contract. When combined with muscle strengthening exercises, this can lead to an improvement in muscle strength. Helping you to also prevent any future injuries. 




Unlike many traditional heavy foot massagers, our EMS Foot massager features a comfortable, soft, and lightweight footpad.

Its lightweight and thin feature makes it easy to fold, store, and carry with you to work, training, or when traveling.




Unlike many battery-powered EMS foot massagers, our EMS pro foot massager is rechargeable and includes a free remote.

This way you can control the different intensity modes while sitting and relaxing, without having to move. Simply sit back and enjoy your massage. 


How much we use our feet daily seems to go unnoticed by many, including ourselves.

Whether it be working, walking, exercising, training, or simply standing, there is no doubt that our feet are one of the most used parts of the body. Utilizing an EMS Massager can be a long-term approach to not only improve muscle pain but also help with any discomfort.

This innovative foot massager will become your favorite after a long day of work. 




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