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Visuelle™ Blackhead Remover Vacuum with Camera

"Now I wouldn't say my face was terrible...but it was covered in blackheads that I could see when I got close up and always hated it. I've tried washing my face and yes that helps the acne but was sick of all the blackheads in my pores. 

I was a bit hesitant to buy but it's only my second day of using it and my face is A MILLION times better. Of course, there's still some acne but there are barely any pores to be seen and my face is SO INCREDIBLY SMOOTH.

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Jessica Gonzalez ✅ Verified Buyer  


To everyone looking to finally remove tough blackheads


When it comes to achieving a clear face, there is no denying that blackheads can be one of the hardest types of acne to clear. Forming from oil and dead skin accumulation, they can stay around your face for quite some time when not taken care of properly. Although removing blackheads can be a difficult task, with the proper skin care and tools, you can work towards achieving a healthier, clearer face.  

The Vissuelle™ Blackhead Vacuum features an inbuilt camera that offers a precise view of the skin, helping to effortlessly clear out clogged impurities. The interchangeable tips and adjustable strengths target multiple facial areas such as the nose, t-zone, and cheeks. Compatible with any smartphone, Visuelle™ effectively reduces blackheads around the face and achieves clearer, healthier skin






The face can constantly accumulate dirt and impurities throughout the day. By properly combining Visuelle™ with any skincare routine, you work towards removing blackheads and achieving clearer skin



Blackheads can be one of the toughest impurities to properly remove. Thankfully, Vissuelle™ features powerful suction that reaches deep into your pores to effectively extract clogged oil that forms blackheads.




Visiting a spa for treatments or facials every week isn't a viable option for everyone. Use along with favorite serums and moisturizers to provide a full facial effect that will help clear skin.



No more worrying about the hassle of removing blackheads. Vissuelle™ features an integrated 5x Leica lens that allows you to visualize the satisfying process of finally cleaning and removing blackheads.





Along with every skin type, there are different needs. For this reason, Visuelle™ offers 3 different strength modes and 6 different suction headsto target different areas. 



How do you use it?

  1. Cleanse the face to remove any makeup, sweat, or dirt.

  2. Preferably apply a hot compress or steam to the face for around 3-5 minutes to open pores.

  3. Set the desired level and suction head suitable for the skin type and area. We recommend starting with the lowest mode and increasing later on while the skin gets used to using the vacuum. 

  4. Slowly begin to move around the skin to remove blackheads. We recommend not staying in the same area for more than 3 seconds.

  5. Once blackhead removal is complete, follow with a hydrating facial mask or serum. 


We understand how helpless it can feel to have constant stubborn blackheads. No matter how many facials or exfoliation treatments you try, they just aren't a match for irritating blackheads. Clearing your face from impurities can definitely turn out to be one of the most difficult tasks in your skincare routine.

Thankfully, Visuelle™ features an inbuilt camera that provides an effortless visual to effectively extract accumulated dirt and oil from the skin. Along with a sleek rechargeable design, it can be used whenever and wherever. Incorporate Visuelle™ into your weekly skincare routine to say goodbye to stubborn blackheads and hello to clear, beautiful skin.





[1x] Visual Blackhead Removal Vacuum 

[6x] Suction heads 

[1x] USB charging cable 

[1x] Instruction Manual 


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