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La Forme™ - 3 in 1 Electric Quartz Roller

o" I've always been skeptical about any of the 'skin rolling' devices... but decided to try.

From the very first use on my deep forehead wrinkles, I said "Wow! It really works!" I've been using it every day for 10-15 min with each tool head on different sections of my face.

After just a week, I started to notice a clear difference!" 


✅ Catherine W. Verified Buyer




Dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and even under-eye bags are just the beginning of a long list of skin issues we may constantly face. When dealing with facial care, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you may need. Mix in different daily schedules along with it and you can see how this begins to affect your skin in the long run.

The La Forme™ 3-in-1 roller uses rose quartz that helps release tension, calm inflammation, and encourage cell restoration. Alongside relaxing sonic vibrations and 3 different massage heads, you can pinpoint specific areas you wish to target. Easily incorporate La Forme™ into your morning or night routines to achieve a refreshed face every day.



7 reasons this vibrating quartz roller is revolutionizing skincare 



By using our facial rose quartz massager, you draw out toxins, allowing for gentle toning and lifting effect in your face, neck, or body



Use our roller along with the sonic vibration in an upward and downward motion through your cheekbones and neck to help naturally contour your face. 




By stimulating the lymphatic drainage using our massager, you boost the skin's natural detoxification process, allowing toxins to begin to flush from your body and face.



Incorporate this vibrating facial massager into your daily routine to relieve tension and provide a necessary act of self-care during your day.




Soothe your skin by using this quartz roller at an upward angle and then push the roller downward, alongside the ear to help direct excess fluids that cause puffiness.



Having dark circles, swelling, and puffiness can be normal, it can still turn out to be big insecurity many of us face. Use our eye press attachment to efficiently help reduce any under-eye issues.




Unlike regular quartz rollers, our 3-in-1 multifunctional roller offers 3 different heads you can use: quartz roller, eye massager, and quartz massager to provide you with an all-around beauty tool for both relaxing morning and night routines.


How to use our 3-in-1 Quartz Roller

  For best results: 

  1. Apply your choice of serums, moisturizer, and oils to gently massage into your face.
  2. Start on the lower part of your face, passing the jade roller, and working upwards from the chin. 
  3. Roll up, down, and sidewards, being extremely delicate around the under-eye area. 

*If you wish for a more cooling effect on your skin, feel free to place your jade roller in the fridge for a couple of minutes before using it.



We understand how frustrating it can be to have dark circles, puffiness, and dullness that just never seem to cease away, no matter how hard we try! Spending countless hours researching how we can efficiently help with these facial insecurities. Wishing for a real, natural solution every night to boost circulation and help achieve more radiant-looking skin.

Use La Forme™ to efficiently rejuvenateyour skin by boosting circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. By properly massaging your face or neck with 1 of the 3 different massage heads included, you can help reduce eye bags, dark circles, and even plump up your skin. Enjoy a soothing 5-minute process that helps to contour and detoxify your face, bringing out the brighter, happier skin within you.





[1x] Vibrating Jade Roller (Batteries not included)

[3x] Massage Heads

[1x] Storage Bag 


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