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Baking Made Easy

For you and your loved ones.

Start Saving More Than $100 On Parchment Paper and Aluminum Foil When You Upgrade To The Bakemore™

Just 1 Reusable Mat Can Replace More Than 30 Boxes!


The Bakemore™

Meet The Bakemore™. The first from a beautiful collection of useful, reliable kitchen products that inspire you to cook more.


I Love it!!It's super easy to clean and it's a great eco-friendly replacement for aluminum foil and baking paper. 100% will recommend to my friends and family!


Xiomara M.

From the carefully designed packaging to the mat itself, you can tell The Bakemore is a premium product. You aren't just buying into a product, but into a brand whose purpose is to make baking easier while reducing waste.


Robert A.

We bought two mats as gifts for our daughters.

I have not used them but 😉 plan to do so (furtively) at some point.I saw the mat and it’s beautiful. ❤️We will definitely be telling our friends and showing it off at our gatherings.


Carmen S.

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