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The Bakemore™ Reversible Non-Stick Baking Mat

"I've tried various baking mats but The Bakemore takes the cake with its reversible feature!

   It's helped me save so much time and money when cooking, I also don't need to worry about buying more aluminum foil or parchment paper. 

Plus, its non-stick surface makes cleaning it so much easier than just scrubbing a tray and I don't need to use extra oil!"


Sandra H. ✅ Verified Buyer


No More Scrubbing Trays! 


Life is easier when you can cook and bake while avoiding a mess. Our reversible non-stick baking mat was designed for just that, to help you avoid any unnecessary mess in the kitchen.

The Bakemore™ provides you with an even non-stick surface to bake all your favorite recipes and never have to worry about sticky burnt trays. Not only that, but enjoy a fully reversible baking mat with two different helpful measurements for baking bread, cookies, macarons, and more!



Why every home needs THIS Reversible Non-Stick Baking Mat  



We know cleaning burnt baking trays is not easy. Finally bake in peace, without the worry of scrubbing again!

The Bakemore baking mat provides an even, 100% non-stick surface on top of your baking tray to protect your baking tray while using. The non-stick surface avoids burnt food that normally tends to stick to your tray. 




The days of spending money on costly baking paper and aluminum foil are long gone.

Save hundreds of dollars and trips to the supermarket by ditching the aluminum foil and baking paper and upgrading to The Bakemore.




Keeping counters clean seems like an almost impossible task, especially when you're dealing with ingredients like dough or caramels.

By simply placing our reversible baking mat on any counter or flat surface, you will be provided with a non-stick workstation that can also withstand heat. 




Achieve consistent results every time you bake using The Bakemore. Our food-grade silicone and fiberglass mat help distribute heat evenly along the entire baking surface, preventing burned or under-baked spots.   




Are you tired of soaking and scrubbing trays? So are we. Enjoy our 100% non-stick surface, so that you can bake in peace without worrying about the scrubbing. 




The Bakemore™ silicone baking mat can be used more than 1,000 times and replaces more than 100 boxes of aluminum foil or parchment paper. Saving you not only time and money but The Earth from harmful waste and single-use plastic.



You just finished baking your favorite recipe and you're already dreading the mess you have to clean up after. From the messy counters to the overload of dishes, and the absolute worst: the oily baking tray. It seems like almost just too much work for every time you want to bake. Don't worry, we've all been there.

Whether you are baking cookies, macarons, bread, pizza, fish, or even kneading dough, you can count on our non-stick baking mat. The Bakemore is specifically designed to provide you with a safe 100% non-stick surface on both sides. So that you baking all your favorite treats and recipes is fun and easy, all while avoiding excessive use of plastic and aluminum.




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