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5 in 1 EMS Facial Massager with LED Light Therapy

"Absolutely Amazing! 

“With so many products on the market, I always struggled to find the right one! 

With this facial massager, I can use it for so many different things. My favorite is the hot and cold compress, I use it when applying my serums at night. It really helps me deeply moisturize and my skin feels amazing the next day!“

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Ashley M. ✅ Verified Buyer


Your 5 in 1 solution for facial rejuvenation is finally here

Prevent wrinkles, clear your skin, and delay surgery and other non-invasive procedures with revolutionary 5 in 1 technology!

Ranging from hot and cold compress to Ion and phototherapy for skin cleansing, and even EMS micro-massage to eliminate fine lines and wrinklesand help with firming skin, this new 5 in 1 rejuvenation massager is specifically designed to target aging and other common facial problems with just 1 machine. With our innovative facial massager, improving your skin's health and elasticity is just a step away.



Why Women Are Going Crazy Over This 5 in 1 facial massager  


This at-home EMS facial massager helps strengthen the muscles of the face and neck. It works by stimulating your nerve endings which causes the muscles to contract and relax, helping you tone and firm your face.




Utilize our hot compress to open pores quickly and efficiently absorb skin products as much as twice than with regular introduction.

Meanwhile, use our cold compress to shrinks pores and allow skincare products to penetrate deep into your skin. 




Use red light therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin, reducing your skin's wrinkles and fine lines.

Our blue light works by sending light waves deep into your skin, helping to disinfect your skin while reducing inflammation and preventing breakouts.




Place a makeup pad over our anti-allergen panel to deeply cleanse dirt and impurities on your skin. Allowing you to reduce clogged pores and blackheads. 




Unlike any other EMS Facial Massager out there, this beauty instrument has 5 skincare features with an easy-to-use anti-allergen panel and a fast-charging battery.

Our smart timing feature provides you the exact time you should spend on each treatment. Each setting beeps to remind you when it has finished. 



Suggestions for use

  1. Clean face 

  2. Apply serum, cream, or face mask

  3. Choose the mode 

  4. Choose desired intensity level 

  5. Move the device in circular movements from the bottom to top on your skin

Regular Skin 

Use for a maximum of 10 minutes each day. 

Sensitive Skin 

Use for 10 minutes only 1-2 times a week.


Time flies and all of a sudden you're standing in front of a mirror wondering how you can improve signs of sagging skin, wrinkles, or fine lines. Soon you find yourself lost in the hundreds of options wondering if any of them will ever work for you.

By using this 5 in 1 EMS facial massager, you can target different facial insecurities with just 1 device, like helping you lift and tighten your face while reducing your wrinkles. Whether you use it to deeply moisturize or provide acne relief, give yourself a little boost of shine and glow with this 5 in 1 facial massager. Carefully designed to help you finally overcome inevitable facial insecurities.



Package Includes:

  • 1 x RF Facial Massager
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x English Manual


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