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Icero™ Rejuvenating Ice Globes Massager

"This reduces my dark circles better than any other cream, or beauty procedure. 


Believe me when I say this is the most natural way to receive an instant de-puffing facial in the mornings. Plus,  it's DIY and you can reuse it as many times as you want, as well as take it when traveling!"


Casey L. ✅ Verified Buyer


To everyone looking to soothe and depuff your face  


We all know that when it comes to achieving a flawless face we feel confident in, we never leave a stone unturned. Regardless of our biggest efforts, it is hard to avoid sun exposure, stress, unhealthy eating habits, and even air pollution. These unavoidable elements lead to a rise in problems like dark circles, puffiness, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and dull, dry skin.


Luckily, by putting our ice globes facial massagers for just 10 minutes in the fridge, you can use this DIY cryotherapy beauty tool to remove daily under eye-bag darkness, reduce skin inflammation, and promote circulationwhile the soothing cold helps reduce migraines and even sinuses. 






Sometimes we have tough, tiring days or nights, and the first place you notice this is in your eyes. 

Start your mornings with a skincare habit proven to not only help reduce dark spots but puffiness as well. Replicating the effects of cryotherapy to bring you a cooling, refreshed, and rejuvenated face that will wake up your confidence every single morning. 



Skin discoloration, inflammation, and puffiness can turn unflattering if not properly take care of.

One of the best benefits you can receive from a cold ice globe massage is that you will reveal brighter, even skin by boosting your circulation, bringing more oxygen flow, and ultimately, helping reduce dark spots and pigmentation on your face.




The soothing effects from ice globes massagers are almost immediate, making it extra beneficial for people suffering from sinus, headaches, and even migraines. 

Place the ice globes in the fridge for just a quick 10 minutes to receive a soothing ice facial that helps relieves tough tension, stress, and sinus pain.




A cooling facial, a restorative glow, and a deep nourishing effect when used with skincare products.

Help reduce and shrink pores while helping moisturize and cool your face. Leaving you with tighter, brighter, and plumper skin, so that you can begin every day feeling confident in your skin. 



Are Ice Globes Massagers Worth All The Hype? 


We realize that many of us, including ourselves, know under-eye darkness and puffiness a little too well. With stressful days, short nights, and even some wine nights, we wake up feeling and looking dull. In the search for the perfect natural remedy to de-stress, de-puff, and restore glow, we designed Icero™.

Our rejuvenating ice globes provide a DIY cryotherapy massage to help restore and brighten the skinSo, what happens when you glide these cold bad boys along your skin? Your face will be thanking you as the cold globes glide slowly contouring your face as it boosts circulation, reduces inflammation and puffiness, leaving a rejuvenating glow.




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